Booths Cleaning Services

What do you do?

Booths cleaning is a contract cleaning company, We service offices, builders cleans, specialist floor cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, we even have experience of aseptic laboratory cleaning.

Why do you do what you do?

Ultimately the company has to make money! However I have always envisaged our company to be a step ahead of our competitors, our staff are trained not just to clean but to care! To pay attention to detail, to report any security issues they may come across. Many of our clients are on first name terms with their individual cleaner and tend to have a relationship where they can speak directly to them, we find that this leads to good communication, a happy client and importantly happy staff!

How did you get into your field?

Quite by accident! I started off by servicing a window cleaning round on the Broughton hall estate, I was asked by one of my clients if I did office cleaning to which (without thinking about it) I answered yes! I soon found that my eye for detail determination and a little bit of luck soon had my reputation going before me and very soon I was being asked to service more and more offices on the estate…word of mouth is an amazing form of advertising!

What drives you?

Stubbornness, determination to be the best and the need to build a business that I can be proud to carry my name.

What's your greatest success story?

Being a Salford lad, football is in my blood! My greatest success and the client I’m proud to have on my books is the PFA (professional football association).

After doing the initial builders clean on their newly refurbished offices we were invited to tender for the ongoing cleaning contract… Although we are only a small company and tendering against “the big boys” we won the contract, purely on our cleaning merit and still service the building to this day.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt whilst building your business?

Don’t take anything for granted! Never rest on your laurels and always have a sense of humour!

Booths Cleaning Services