Doability sell quality independent living aids to trade, professional and public customers. Managing Director Clive Taylor, shares his thoughts below.

What do you do?

I’m Clive, the managing director of Doability. At Doability, we sell quality independent living aids to trade, professional and public customers. We provide a range of items that make independent living easier for those who otherwise find daily tasks difficult, helping with the small tasks such as chopping food, to more significant issues such as walking easily. Our first ever product was the Volaris Rollator, a high quality walking aid for people who struggle to walk. As a company, we are small but growing – we have gone from four to eight employees in the last twelve months! We pride ourselves in the personal customer service Doability can provide. We all know our products well, and if staff don’t know the answer to an enquiry, they will personally follow this up. More often than not, a customer enquiry will be dealt with by one member of staff from start to finish, making the customer experience friendly, helpful and individually tailored.

Why do you do what you do?

Setting up the company was a chance to help people in their daily lives. We know that we are making a positive change in the world, all within our working hours. There’s a feel-good factor about it! The biggest drive for us is seeing our customers enabled to do things because of our products. We don’t want to simply sell our products; we want our products to make a difference to our customers’ lives.

How did you get into your field?

My sister became partially paralysed through an accident in her teens. Through her I became very aware of the need for products that helped her to live life as 'normally' as possible; as close to how she would have lived without her disability. Looking at the independent living aid shops, we knew there were more cleverly designed and more aesthetically pleasing products than the ones these places promoted. We could do better than what was out there, so we did!

What drives you?

Every aspect of the job is exciting. Setting up and growing your own business is a creative process. You have to create from scratch something that wasn’t there before. You need to think of the processes you will use to do things, select products, work out cost effectiveness, bring new people in, and create a network of clients. Most of all, Doability has a purpose to help those who need help to live life more fully, a need that will always be a constant motivator.

What's your greatest success story?

Our DoBuggy product has made a big difference to our company. It is a pushchair designed for children with special needs, who aren’t suited to a standard pushchair. The development process focuses on cost effectiveness, practicality and aesthetics, and we are able to send feedback to our manufacturer to further develop the product. We started exploring the possibilities of selling to professional distributors 3 years ago... now, we are currently supplying over half of NHS UK wheelchair services with DoBuggys, and this is still growing. There are positive signs that our personal accounts management and the length we go to for our customers are really paying off in customer retention. This has been a turning point in our business, and we are now gearing up to a new level in the life of Doability.

What's the most important lesson you've learnt while building your business?

Whatever you do, you are limited by the skill set your company has on tap. You can only grow a business as far as your skills go. Make the most of your employees' strengths. Employ experts for the things you can’t do, or start on training yourselves!