Network Scientific

What do you do?

We help laboratory-based businesses grow with our outsourced, specialist commercial support services. We cover business strategy, market research, lead generation and recruitment, but also get involved in other areas, such as; development and business process management.


We source and hire the right people with the experience and knowledge required. This helps businesses to grow. We recruit temp to perm and fixed term solutions. We find everyone from working on the bench to working on the Board.


Our Laboratory Directory and our Tender Procurement Service clients can advertise their services, post news and spread their word within the directory. People requiring services can also post their requirements. This is a great tool for generating new work and new leads.

Why do you do what you do?

There is nothing more satisfying than helping a business get off the ground and grow.  

Everyone here loves what they do. The amount of experience we have in our industry is huge. We are all scientists so we understand the needs of our clients. The business has been running three years but, collectively, we have 30 years of experience in the industry.

Working with a good selection of clients, being the 'go to' advisor for people in our industry is a big reason why we do what we do!

How did you get into your field?

Hard work, hard work, HARD WORK!!! I wanted my own business – that was always the goal. I went to university, paid my way through university and worked in a hospital pathology lab on leaving university. Then I went to work in a Contract Research Organisation. From there I wanted to get into sales within the industry and gain that experience. I worked for a recruitment company specialising in the scientific industry. Then I was head hunted to work for a company recruiting CEOs and MDs. My next stop was to work for a client of the recruitment company who had a laboratory. My role there was Business Development. Eventually I achieved my goal of having my own business when I took the step to set up Network Scientific.

What drives you?

Being in control of my own destiny. Improving myself, understanding where I can get to but not forgetting where I've come from. The drive to be successful and then have choices as to what I do.

What's your greatest success story?

There are three that stand out right now. First, it's hitting the target of 100% growth year on year since we started.  This drives the team.  

Second, the contracts that we have landed have been won whilst competing with some of the biggest companies in our industry. We are very proud of that.

Finally, the plans were:
•  to have an office after six months – I got one in three
•  to take on our first employee after 12 months – we did it in six

We are always looking to overachieve.

What's the most important lesson you've learned whilst building your business?

Don't be afraid of hard work
Don't let fear stop you doing anything
Make your decisions and stick with them – you either win or you LEARN! 

Network Scientific