Spotlight on NewRedo

What do you do?

Agile Software Development – what is that, you ask?! We build all kinds of software and web applications; but our approach is different and fits well with cautious customers. We work in small pieces and deliver working software every couple of weeks with no long contracts. The emphasis is all about the relationship built with the client rather than the transaction with the client. This also helps to bring the creativity back into software development.

Why do you do what you do?

Running my own business was a big turn on.  I can only describe myself as a grumpy employee so, working for myself was the answer.  I like to build things. I love the satisfaction of building software that makes things easier for the client.  We aim to provide opportunities to entrepreneurs by developing the process and making it cost effective.

How did you get into your field?

I studied computer science at college and while I intended to enter mechanical engineering there were so many more opportunities in the 1980s within software. Back then I was involved with IBM mainframes now it's the web. Along the way I've been a senior engineer at Sage and met Phill my NewRedo business partner while building an energy trading system together that was ultimately acquired by Siemens.

What drives you?

Just building things, being creative and solving problems with simplicity. I like to question how things are done, therefore looking at ways they can be improved.  The drive to build a number of Creative Teams within the business is a goal for the future.

What's your greatest success story?

Still being here! Starting in the middle of a recession hasn't helped though austerity has made our approach resonate with customers watching their cash flow. Aside from surviving, it was amazing to recently work with the Lotus F1 team.

What's the most important lesson you've learned whilst building your business?

The reality that a lot of people are out there to sell you something.  Some may be good, but question and research everything you are asked to do.  Also, always find the right people to work with. Focus on providing maximum value to your customers.