The North Space

The North Space is a design agency of original thinkers based in Yorkshire, with a thirst for creativity and client satisfaction.

What do you do?

In a nutshell we design and produce high quality printed materials and websites.

What gives you the greatest satisfaction in business?

That moment when you hand over those brochures, 'go-live' on a website or visit a museum space with your display work on the walls - those are moments I love.

How did you get into your field?

I always loved art and technical drawing at school and the transition to art school to train as a graphic designer seemed like a natural one after finishing my 'O' levels, showing my age now.

What has been your career path to where you are today?

After finishing my studies I worked as a junior designer and visualiser using magic markers (those were the days before the Apple Mac!) in a studio in Bath before moving on to London to help run a small and successful agency in Shoreditch. Eventually I came North to establish The North Space here in Harrogate.

What's your greatest success story?

That we’ve kept the business running for over eight years now in a very competitive field when lots of other good agencies have been forced to close their doors.

What's the most important lesson you've learnt while building your business?

Measure twice, cut once.

The North Space