What our clients think of Xero

We asked our clients to tell us about their experience of using Xero and what value it has added to their business.

Rachel Charmbury, Ambience Venue Styling:
"Prior to using Xero, I employed a part time book keeper who used SAGE which I found dated and difficult to use. I never felt that I had control over the numbers in the business and was reliant on obtaining the information from my book keeper.

Since moving over to Xero, I now have dispensed with the book keeper’s services and am able to easily manage my business finances in a fraction of the time it took previously. I also have total visibility of my P&L and cash at the touch of a button which is so important in our ever changing business world.

I cannot recommend Xero highly enough in terms of its ease of use and functionality. I am not from a finance background but with Pearson & Associates' support and training on Xero I am now able to save the costs of a book keeper and have immediate visibility of my numbers."

Alison Wheelock, Verner Wheelock:
"Being online, Xero can be accessed from anywhere – even on your phone! It's easy to use and to correct mistakes and it can be used by everyone in the office – unlike previous software which could only be on one PC so it is much more flexible. It's also cheaper – as it’s part of our package, and there’s no additional costs for support (I couldn’t manage to use Sage without the Helpdesk).

Since moving over to Xero, our system is always up to date and we download statements direct from online banking daily so we can keep an eye on cash flow and payments, and reconciling the bank is very straightforward. The dashboard shows a good overview and it flags up overdue invoices or bills on a daily basis so nothing gets overlooked.

Xero also saves us time because any member of staff can access the system – it doesn’t always have to be me! Also, we used to have to produce all our invoices outside the previous software, in Word, because they couldn’t be tailored for our products. Now we produce them in Xero and can email them direct from the system as PDFs, and it keeps a record of when the invoice was sent and to whom.

I actually enjoy doing the accounts now – Xero is so easy to use!"

Simon Robinson, Dalesbred:
"Previously we had a book keeper that put all our accounts on to Sage monthly and I had little to do with our accounts. To the point that I probably only looked at them quarterly, as I thought the system was hard to find ones way around and I didn’t glean that much from them. Xero is very visual, which makes it easy to enter information and we now do our accounts inhouse and they really don’t take up much time.

But for me and most importantly accessing reports such as your P&L, balance sheet, VAT returns, creditors and debtors is so simple. This means we are far more in control of our business as I now know exactly what our financial position is at any moment in time and how each area of the business is performing on a weekly basis.

With it being on the cloud one can access ones accounts anywhere, you don’t have to be back at the office and by importing ones statement reconciling ones account is simple. Also if there is a hitch, or something that I’m not sure about Pearson & Associates just sort the problem out."