Employment law

As an employer, you probably find it difficult to keep up with the steady flow of new employment law and regulations coming into force. You want to look after your employees, because you know they are key to your business, and you want to be a responsible employer, but you are always worried that something will trip you up. What seems like a straight-forward situation or a common sense decision at the time can prove to be expensive at a future employment tribunal, particularly where an employee is perhaps playing the system, with financial reward in mind. Even if you avoid being caught out in the minefield of your day to day relationships with your employees there is still all of the paperwork to get right and keep up to date.

You can relax if you use our employment law service. Our qualified specialist will be on personal, 24-hour call to give you the right advice the moment an issue arises. You will be able to make the right decision or avoid making a costly mistake in the heat of the moment. What’s more, we will help you to get all of the legal documentation in place, including employment contracts, an employment handbook and all of the necessary administrative forms. You will be able to concentrate on your business knowing that all is in order.

Service guide

We want you to be clear about what you can expect from us and let you know what we need from you. A comprehensive guide outlining how this service works is available:

Employment law