Accountancy services.

Do you own a business or does your business own you?

Pearson & Associates are committed to stopping your business running you.

One of the simplest ways to do this is with our comprehensive range of accountancy services. After all, accountancy is the backbone of our business.

Specialising in accounts and business tax, payroll processing, auto enrolment pension schemes, personal tax and tax investigations, Pearson & Associates take these essential yet time-consuming tasks off your hands and more importantly, off your mind.

Instead of worrying about your accounts and related services, hand them over to us. As accountancy experts, we boast a knowledgeable, hassle-free and reliable accountancy service.

Preparing your annual accounts can be something of a burden but it’s hugely important that you get them right. By outsourcing this work to us, you can be confident that the figures are reliable, technically compliant and that all possible ways of reducing the taxable profits have been identified and explained to you.

As a business owner, we relieve you of any payroll processing concerns by ensuring your payroll is calculated properly and your business is compliant. We’ll even deal with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf.

The law on workplace pensions has changed and every employer is required to provide a pension scheme for its qualifying employees AND contribute to it! We can support you through the set up and ongoing monthly administration of your company’s pension scheme.

No matter how compliant you are, your business is still at risk of an investigation by HM Revenue & Customs. With our tax investigations service, we fight your corner for you. As part of the service, we take out an insurance policy to pay our fees for the time spent representing you.

It’s not what you earn that’s important, it’s what you keep. Our personal tax service has been designed to take the worry away from you. We will complete your personal self-assessment tax return and act on all communications from HM Revenue & Customs. You’ll also be able to call us for advice in relation to your tax affairs.

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