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Giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best.

Time is precious, especially in business. Don’t waste another minute worrying about endless and often complex regulations relating to employment.

Instead, use your time wisely by focusing on what you do best. We’ll do the rest for you with our dedicated employment law and HR service.

We know that employment law and issues relating to HR can be something of a minefield but support is available. Here at Pearson & Associates, we provide a helping hand to keep your business compliant.

For example, if you’re faced with an employee situation that you don’t know how to handle, we can relieve the pressure. Instead of taking matters in to your own hands with potential for the situation to escalate, simply call us for expert advice. This allows you to solve the issue in a professional and timely manner without the need for any unnecessary stress or panic.

That’s not all. We assist you in ensuring that all your legal documentation is in place. This includes preparing a personalised Employment Handbook and updating it when laws, legislations and best practice change. We also supply you with the necessary documentation with regards to other employment matters, such as recruitment, disciplinary and appraisals.

By taking advantage of our employment law and HR service, you are left to concentrate on your business with the peace of mind that everything is in order when it comes to your responsibilities as an employer.

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